How to Get the Best Prices on Your Stationery & Office Supplies

New alliance partner Lyreco have provided preferred pricing to CSCBG members. 
These CSCBG Product list items are identified on the Lyreco webportal by a green tick.

Most product categories have products identified by a green tick on which the CSCBG pricing is preferential.
If you need any product, look for the product in your category with the green tick for preferential pricing.
If there is any product that you purchase regularly or in reasonable quantity and it does NOT have a green tick, please advise CSCBG  of  the product code, brand, description, sizes etc and CSCBG will request Lyreco add it to the  product list with preferential pricing.
Lyreco  have  advised that in most cases they are willing to do this.

We buy brand X, A4 copy paper that does not have a green tick,
However Lyreco brand, A4 copy does and the price is substantially better.

If you would like a pricing comparison, send your previous invoices for comparison to CSCBG. 

See The Lyreco page (members logged in area) for special introductory rebates for new accounts.

Current Special Offers
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