Our Purpose

This Blog exists to help those in 
Christian Ministry & Community Work in Australia. 

By helping you save money on your purchases in the Spirit of Sharing; 

so that you can put more into your core ministry purpose. 


Christian Supply Chain Buying Group
CSCBG facilitates quality products and services at the best possible prices for the members we serve.

CSCBG has evolved with the aim of forming a voluntary buying cooperative with the core function of facilitating reduced costs associated with ministry.

CSCBG uses the combined purchasing power of our member organisations to leverage suppliers for the best possible prices on a large range of quality products and services.

CSCBG are able to negotiate preferential pricing and services with suppliers throughout Australia and New Zealand.  

Membership is FREE

When we say free we mean it!
When your organisation joins CSC Buying Group there are:
  * No joining fees
  * No ongoing membership fees
  * No minimum purchase criteria
  * Absolutely no hidden costs

CSCBG is a serving ministry of Christian Venues Association, which is a non-denominational, not for profit Christian organisation ministering in Australia.

Christian Venues Association has a long history of providing discounts and purchasing benefits to its member base of Christian Conference Centres and Camps.  CSC Buying Group has evolved due to the expansion of the service.
CSCBG benefits currently offered to Christian Venues Association members are now available to:-
Christian- Schools, Churches, Ministries, Bible Colleges, Care Facilities, Businesses.
Charities, Community and Not-For-Profit Groups.

To discover if your organisation is eligible to join and take advantage of these savings or to make an application, please visit/

CSCBG is a founding member of Christian Supply Chain Buying Group Global.