Wise up on Waste

Unilever Work Smart - Wise up on Waste.

The hidden cost of waste
Waste is a hot topic on today’s public and political agenda. There is a huge amount of global waste and the issue has to be addressed.

Besides the global aspect of food waste, there are economic implications that can determine the success or a failure of a business.

Disposal costs are the first that come to mind. This is the cost of items that have to be thrown away because they are out of date. However, there’s more than just the cost of the food thrown away that needs to be considered:
• Lost labour involved in preparing items
• Wasted energy for the delivery, preservation and preparation
• Lost revenues due to lost labour, energy and food cost
• Losses due to potential liabilities and other risks

With the tools and advice presented in this module you can make considerable cost savings by implementing some small but creative changes in your businesses.

Why should you wise up on waste?
• You can run a more profitable and efficient business when you reduce the ‘hidden costs’ of waste
• You can reduce the risk of compromising health and safety regulations
• You can create waste awareness among staff/management
• Your business can make a valuable contribution to the environment.

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