Culinary Tour of Sri Lanka

Christian Supply Chain Buying Group takes pleasure in announcing the award of the 
Food 4Thought - Simplot Culinary Road Trip of Sri Lanka 
to the member with the highest volume of Simplot products to
Bevan Lambert, Foodservice Manager at Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Report from last years CSCBG member receiving the Simplot 2012 Culinary Tour of Thailand.

Chiang Mai Culinary Study Tour, October 2012
A CSC Buying Group Prize from the Connect12 Trade Show
Day 1 - arrive at Chiang Mai airport. Really looking forward to the food experience and the learning.  Good View Restaurant for Northern Thai sausage with a spicy green chunky chilli paste, fried prawns in tamarind, an exquisite duck and logan fruit red curry soup ……

Day 2 - to the home of Sompoon Nabnianm, perhaps the best known and respected chef in all of Thailand. Introduced to clear soup of cucumber with a pork stuffing, a fresh & spicy banana flower salad, deep fried fish with a red curry sauce, and a to-die-for spicy eggplant salad. Then the crickets came out, so I ate crickets for the first time in my life - different, crispy and nice.
Day 3 - travelled to Baan Hmong Hope where Mr Montree Chaoiwat takes in orphans to raise them in a Christian faith. He provides about 50 children with an education, food and scripture classes. They also learn how to cook & I saw some as young as 7, balancing the flavors using limes, fish sauce, chilli, tamarind and palm sugar, a skill that some chefs back home don’t get right! I was honored to eat with them & it was quite an emotional experience for me as these kids have nothing but have flourished to become happy normal kids. We also did some hot, hard work for the orphanage and donated a sum of money and some personal belongings.

Day 4 - we rode elephants & rafts and went zip lining through an exquisite place called Chiang Dao - all fun but lunch was the highlight! We ate from Pinto boxes which are four small bowls stacked on top of each other, filled with lovely dishes like BBQ chicken with a spicy sauce, pork herb salad, green Papaya salad & custard dessert with coconut induced sticky rice. Later, street food included quail eggs, octopus kebabs, little coconut and corn pancakes & the freshest fruit mocktails!

Day 5 - a moving blessing ceremony from the monks at a local temple. Tasted worms, local sausages, pigs ear & pork at a market - all local and all different. A cooking class at Chef Nid’s brand new cooking school - we made a jackfruit salad, sticky rice, chilli dip & a beautiful steamed fish fillet in a northern curry in a banana leaf, cooked on the BBQ.

My heartfelt thanks go to -
CSC Buying Group for offering such a great prize.
My GM, Mr Dave Tolman, for offering me the opportunity.
My Catering Manager, Mr Peter Rumery, for his support.
My kitchen team of devoted and amazingly committed chefs.
The whole team at Simplot, headed by Christian.

Matthew Gurney,
Head Chef,

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